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Why Kenya Tea

Discover the Magic

That Makes Kenya Tea Special

Kenya is the world’s leading exporter of black tea and the UK’s most important tea supplier.

Almost 94 percent of Kenya’s tea is exported in bulk for use in low-quality blends, and only 6 percent of Pure Kenyan Tea reaches market consumers. Unlike your typical supermarket tea, which is so often a blend of teas from as many as six different countries, designed by multinationals to keep taste constant despite adverse weather or high prices; we give you uncompromised quality that is straight from the source which is specially picked and crafted by our partners right in Kenya.

State-of-the-Art Techniques and Traditions

Always a Cut Above the Rest

Kenyan tea is renowned around the globe, due to perfectly aligned environmental conditions (weather, soil, altitude) and the initiative promoted by the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) of hand-plucking the upper two leaves and a bud. A major part of tea quality and cuppage depends on the plucking and processing technique – and with Kenyan tea, the superior taste and texture are unmistakable.

An Age-Old Process

Artfully Followed Just for You

Within twenty-four hours of plucking, the green leaves are processed in factories located in the tea growing area, and immediately packed in multi-walled paper sacks for export – thereby maintaining freshness and quality.

Within seven days of its manufacture, made tea is ferried to the port city of Mombasa – the home of the Mombasa Tea Auction, where approximately 25 percent of the tea traded around the world is sourced – where it begins its journey across the waters, and straight to your cup.

Experience the Taste

That Sets Kenya Tea Apart

Due to the international struggle for market share, multinationals have focused on the supply of relatively low-quality tea conveniently packaged as teabags. Here at Kenya Tea, we believe the drive for convenience and diversification does not mean premium teas have lost the interest of passionate and knowledgeable tea consumers.

Here, you’ll find internationally recognized teas sought out for their memorable flavour, captivating aroma, and exceptional quality. The world’s most knowledgeable tea consumers turn to Kenyan tea to satisfy that age-old craving. Now, you can too.