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About Us

Kenya Tea (UK) Ltd

A premium tea importer and wholesaler renowned for the highest quality products; Kenya Tea is based in the United Kingdom, where we market teas sourced directly from our artisan producers. Our teas are high grown using sustainable farming methods, and handpicked, producing a distinct flavour and authentic character unique to each tea’s location and origin.

UK-Based, World-Renown

Kenyan tea is known for its unique high quality, aroma, briskness and taste. Traditionally, Kenyan tea has been exported in bulk to blend and add flavour to some of the world’s most respected tea brands. With the UK being the 3rd largest global market for Kenyan tea, we set out in 2014 to create a strong UK brand for Kenyan Tea – one centred on quality and authenticity.

Your Choice for the Finest, East African Tea Products

Using only the finest hand-picked tea leaves and very high-quality manufacturing processes, we give you a world-class tea experience that keeps you, your clients and your customers wanting more. Our customer service is first-class and we guarantee fast delivery of only exceptional quality products.