Meet Our Quality Partners

In order to give you the very best quality, we continue to partner with Union Tea Brokers Ltd, an industry-leading tea specialist right where these incredible teas are produced: in Kenya.

From tea processing procedure audits to tea tasting for quality guarantee, tea evaluations based on seasons and prevailing market conditions, to supervising the proper handling of tea and providing market trend advice, Union Tea Brokers Ltd allows us to help you stay ahead of the curve, giving you the most delicious, flavourful teas on the market today.

Quality. Tradition. Inspiration.

Union Tea Brokers Ltd is one of just 10 registered companies operating as Tea Brokers at the Mombasa Tea Auction – the second largest tea auction in the world after Sri Lanka, and currently ranked as the largest auction of Black tea. The auction serves as a method of price discovery worldwide and sells around 80 percent of Kenyan tea and teas from neighbouring East African countries.