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Special Wholesale Opportunities

Teas That Make Your Customers Smile

At Kenya Tea, you’ll get exceptional wholesale opportunities, so you can keep your supply in stock, and continue to make your customers smile. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, caterer, or retailer, you’ve found your source for the very highest quality teas, specially crafted for your enjoyment and success.

Quality tea has been a treasured drink for thousands of years, and here at Kenya Tea, we continue this age-old tradition, giving you a wide range of premium flavours your customers will love.

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Magical Products

For The World’s Most Selective Tea Drinkers

Our magical products are adored by tea drinkers worldwide, and are sought out by retailers and high-end restaurateurs around the globe. Finally, you’ll have the popular, world-class tea that fits your high expectations, and sets your business apart.

We offer VIP trade accounts, giving you teas you love, and experience special low prices that save you money. We can’t wait to make your tea experience delicious, memorable, and successful.

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Hand Crafted, Customized Teas

That Perfectly Showcase Your Style

You’ll get bulk catering packages designed specially for hotels, restaurants, cafes, workplace events, and catering companies. We also give you individually wrapped tea bags, so you can brand specifically for your location and business; this allows you to find the tea you want, in a format perfect for your brand, style and vision.

Here at Kenya Tea, your success is our goal. That’s why we focus all our attention on crafting the very highest quality tea, with incredible texture and taste that awakens and satisfies all your senses.

You’ll choose black tea, green tea, or from a wide variety of flavoured teas in the format which that perfectly suits your needs. From tea bag formats like string and tag teas, to pint tea bags, envelope tea bags, and tagless tea bags in round or square shapes.

At last, you’ll have the perfectly crafted tea, exceptional presentation, and stellar customer service you love.

Expert Blend Matching

Bringing Your Dream Teas to Life

We give you the power to create your own private label, using a high quality tea you absolutely love. Simply send us a sample of your favourite tea, and we match it with a similar blend – providing a convenient price quote for you.

Kenya Tea makes it fun and easy for you to meet the specific needs and wants of your customers. You’ll have the flexibility to get the teas you want, without having to do any of your own custom blending. Simply turn to Kenya Tea, and we do the hard work for you.

Whether you’re looking for a custom blend of tea, or a tea that you can brand as your own, we give you solutions that work within your unique requirements, and match your high expectations.

Your Private Trade Account

Giving You VIP Service, and Special Benefits

Opening a trade account gives you access to heavily discounted wholesale prices – so you can save money, and keep your customers happy.

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