Roma Coffee Estate Kenya AA

1KG Green Coffee | 100% Arabica | Best AA Grade

Unroasted Coffee Beans – Taste our amazing Kenyan Coffee today!

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Product Description

  • Region: Mihuti – Nyeri County KENYA.  Mt. Kenya Region.
  • Growing Altitude: 1830 meters.
  • Variety: Arabica – Ruiru 11, Best AA Grade.
  • Harvest Period: November 2017.
  • Milling Process: Fully washed, sun-dried on raised beds.
  • Aroma: Fresh, floral.
  • Flavour: Bergamon, berries, lemon grass.
  • Body: Rich heavy but well balanced.
  • Acidity: Bright.

Perfect for coffee enthusiasts who have your own coffee roaster at home; as well as business customers who are passionate about roasting their own superior quality coffee just the way they wish.



  • 100% Kenyan Whole Coffee Beans


  • Please be aware these are raw coffee beans, not suitable for consumption before being roasted.


  • Store in a cool dry place away from strong odours.