Kenya Tea - Premium Loose Tea

Premium Loose Teas

Blended to Perfection.

Product Description

Here at Kenya Tea, we carefully select the finest leaves from Kenya’s most renowned plantations, giving you a high calibre tea experience you won’t find elsewhere.

Our loose teas are tea in the purest form, so you have the power to mix and match at your discretion, perfectly customizing your in-house drinks to fit the needs of your customers. Each with its own bold, delicious taste, intoxicating aroma, and beautiful tones, Kenya Tea gives you your choice of premium leaves that capture the imagination, and captivate the drinker.

Your absolute satisfaction is our goal. That’s why we spend so much time and energy investing in the highest quality practices. Each leaf is hand plucked, and each tea is carefully taste tested to ensure you get maximum benefits from your teas.

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