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Kenyan Arabica Coffee

Available WholesalePremium Graded Kenyan Green Coffee Beans

You can now experience a rich, energizing, robust, and smooth coffee, with our bulk fair trade 100% Arabica Green Coffee Beans, imported from top high-altitude cooperatives in Kenya.

The Remarkable Quality of Kenyan Coffee

All coffee is not equal. East Africa has been the native source of the Coffea plant ever since coffee became a popular drink in the 15th Century.

Our Arabica coffee is sourced directly from high-altitude plantations in Kenya, resulting in a bolder and richer taste. The higher elevation allows the coffee to grow more slowly and obtain more nutrients to develop its flavour.

Kenyan coffee is renowned for its fresh floral aroma and a full complex vibrant flavour profile that will energize you each morning.

Get the Best Coffee for Your Business

We can cater bulk deliveries for events, hotels, cafes, restaurants, offices, and any other business that wants to offer its customers a truly special coffee drinking experience.

We aim to provide you with the best coffee possible with a remarkable quality, giving your business another impressive product to keep your customers returning time and time again.

The Magic of a Better Coffee

Our coffee is ethically sourced, which is important to many of our drinkers. We offer our collaborative partners fair prices that allow them the freedom to deliver the best quality coffee while sustaining a higher quality of life and happiness.

The high-altitude locations and perfectly balanced acidic soil result in an acclaimed consistency that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The result is simply better tasting coffee- and that’s everything.

This coffee is sure to please the most discerning of customers. We offer wholesale prices with discounts and priority service when you open a trade account with us.

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